Weekly & Monthly Local Chapter Meeting

IBEN local chapter will be organizing local meetings on a weekly basis and some specific meetings on a monthly basis. The 2 hours local meeting is one of the main platforms for the IBEN member to meet and share about their business. Each local meeting will set their meeting agenda based on the guideline from the IBEN, and customize them to suit the local cultures and business environment.

Preparation before attending the IBEN Meeting

  • Business name card
  • Short presentation of your business
  • Product samples (if any)
  • Product/ Services leaflets
  • Be punctual, or arrive earlier
Business card
Product samples
Be punctual
Presentation about your business
Proper attire

Training Workshop

IBEN local chapter will organize the training workshop in order to enhance the capability and knowledge of its local members. IBEN has a comprehensive set of training materials ready to help its members to increase the effectiveness of networking, introduce their business to a stranger, gain leads and new customers in the meeting, etc. Some experienced IBEN members will be invited as the speaker for the training workshop as well.

The list of training workshops will be announced in your local chapter Facebook Page, and you can also get the latest update from your Chapter President.

IBEN Professional Training

National and International Convention

National and Global IBEN Convention (Coming Soon)

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