About IBEN

IBEN is an online & offline platform for businesses to be connected and grow together. With IBEN, you will be able to connect to local, national and international network from time to time.


The network circle of IBEN is unique and useful, especially for the business sectors. By gathering various expertise under one roof, members will be able to meet with people from different sectors and learning from each other.

Benefits of IBEN:

  • The network of professionals & business sectors
  • Weekly & monthly workshop and meeting
  • Experience and knowledge sharing
  • Increase the exposure of your business
  • Gaining business leads, opportunities, and new customers from the network member
  • Sharpen up the public speaking and presentation skill
  • New ideas and business opportunity
  • Learning from multi-disciplinary experts
  • National & International IBEN conferences
  • Connect to nationwide and international members
  • Free Online Training
  • Discount on Professional Training
  • Discount on Trade Show and Expo

Expand your network by knowing new friends in the meeting

Introducing your business & services

Getting support from the peers

Interact to exchange experience and opinions

Guidance and expert sharing from the experienced IBEN member

Getting new customers and leads from the IBEN network

More sales with the leads from IBEN network

New ideas and business opportunities

Learning from multi-disciplinary experts

Improving public speaking and presentation skill

Free Online Learning Courses

Professional Training Course